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Add numbers from string

The puzzle is a string containing any amount of characters which can be either a letter or a digit. If there is a number with more than 1 digit, this should be counted as a whole number - not as separate digits.

Example puzzle


Example solution

43  // not 7

The solution you should submit is the sum of these numbers.

Actual data used in the competition


The trick here is go through the string character by character and see what is a number or not. When you encounter a number, add them up until you get to the next non-number character. Once you’re at the end, sum up all the numbers.

Code solutions

We had quite a few submissions here, and the shortest one uses Regular Expressions for this.

For example, this JavaScript solution is more or less a one-liner:

let solution = 0;
    v => { solution += +v} 

Other submissions:

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