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Crew manifest challenge - how many on each ship?

Get the full dataset of a crew manifest of various ficticious spacecraft from the following endpoint:


The structure of the file is the following (this is an excerpt):

    { "name": "Philip J. Fry", "ship": "Planet Express Ship", "job": "Delivery Boy", "age": 25 },
    { "name": "Luke Skywalker", "ship": "Millennium Falcon", "job": "Jedi", "age": -1 },
    { "name": "Marvin", "ship": "Heart of Gold", "job": "Paranoid Android", "age": 30 },
    { "name": "Pavel Chekov", "ship": "USS Enterprise NCC-1701", "job": "Navigator", "age": 22 },
    { "name": "Doctor John A. Zoidberg", "ship": "Planet Express Ship", "job": "Doctor", "age": 86 },
    { "name": "Kaylee Frye", "ship": "Serenity", "job": "Mechanic", "age": 23 },
    { "name": "Simon Tam", "ship": "Serenity", "job": "Doctor", "age": 28 }

Show a list of all the ships in the dataset (no duplicates) and the number of people on each ship.

For the demo sample above here, this would be:

    {"ship": "Planet Express Ship" "crewcount": 2},
    {"ship": "Millennium Falcon" "crewcount": 1},
    {"ship": "Heart of Gold" "crewcount": 1},
    {"ship": "USS Enterprise NCC-1701" "crewcount": 1},
    {"ship": "Serenity" "crewcount": 2},

Actual data used in the competition


One solution for this is to use an object and the spacecraft names as keys:

Code solutions

There are many ways to solve this. This JavaScript solution can help as an example:

const shipsAndCrewnumbers = (crews) => {
    let ships = {};
    crews.forEach((person) => {
        if (!ships[person.ship]) {
            ships[person.ship] = [];
    let result = [];
    Object.keys(ships).forEach((ship) => {
            {ship: ship, crewcount: ships[ship].length}

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