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Audience Shout Out Rounds

Shoutout Block 1

Given the following CSS and HTML, what will the web site show?

    body { color: black; }
    p { color: blue; display: inline }

<p>Hello <p style="color: green">green</p> World</p>

Solution: You can’t nest p elements, that’s why the blue isn’t applied to the last Word.

Shoutout Block 1

Given the following JavaScript, what will be logged to the console?

const calculator = {
    value: 0,
    add(num) { this.value += num;return this; },
    pow(num) { this.value **= num; return this; },
    getValue() { return this.value; }

Shoutout Block 3

Which of the following lines of JavaScript will return a string without errors?

The other options will all return syntax errors, despite looking correct at first to many.

Shoutout Block 4

Which of the following is a deprecated HTML element?

Despite all being older elements, strike is the only one deprecated in the MDN web docs.

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