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Manchester CODE100 Quiz and Knowledge rounds

Knowledge Questions

These were pretty straight forward multiple choice questions.

Question 1

In JavaScript, which of the following returns true

Question 2

Which of these is not a genuine coding-related term?

Question 3

Which of these correctly defines ‘extensibility’?

Question 4

What is FOUC?

Question 5

Which one of the following programming languages has the greatest chronological distance from the creation of the others?

Question 6

How many of these are not valid HTML 5 attributes?

ping, download, center, translate, block, poster, 
controls, multiple, loading, spellcheck, preload

Solution: center and block are not valid

Question 7

Which of these acronyms is not a genuine stack of coding languages?


Question 8

What was PHP originally an abbreviation of?

Question 9

What is the result of the following console.log() command in a browser?

document.body.style.background = '#cccccc'

Solution: browsers understand hexadecimal, but the style object always returns RGB.

Question 10

Which of the following CSS, when applied to a parent element, will centre child elements centrally along both axes?

See codepen.

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