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Cat pics challenge =^_^=

You have a JSON dataset of cat pictures, each with a file name, dimensions and alternative text that starts with the name of the cat and a description of what it looks like.

Write a solution that shows:

For example, if the dataset were to be:

        "alt":"Whiskers: ginger cat."
        "alt":"Bootsy: grey cat."
        "alt":"Whiskers: white cat."
        "alt":"Mortimer: tabby cat."

The result you should create is:

  "uniquenames": 3,
  "widest": 800,
  "tallest": 900,
  "formats": { "gif": 1, "jpg": 2, "webp": 1 }


This wasn’t a tough assignment, but it needed some looking up of the data.

  1. You get the name of each cat by checking the alt property and splitting it at the :. You need to remove duplicates either by using the name as an object key, or using a Set.
  2. You loop through all the data and read the width and height of each. If either is bigger than the one before, you got the maximum width or height.
  3. You get all the formats by splitting the filename at the . and you add them to a dictionary.

In JavaScript, it can look like this:

// Grab the data
import { readFileSync } from 'fs';
const dataset = 'catdata.json';
const cats = JSON.parse(readFileSync(dataset, 'utf8'));

// Map the array to it's alt property values split at the ":" 
// and create a Set to remove duplicates. The size property is 
// the amount of unique names. 
let uniquenames = new Set(
    cats.map(e => e.alt.split(':')[0])

// Define widest, tallest and a formats object
let widest = 0;
let tallest = 0;
let formats = {};
// Loop over the data
cats.forEach(cat => {
    // Replace widest and tallest if width or height are bigger
    widest = Math.max(widest, cat.width);
    tallest = Math.max(tallest, cat.height);
    // Get the file ending
    let type = cat.filename.split('.').pop();
    // Add to dictionary. If type isn't already in it, create 
    // it and set the amount to one. If it does, increase the 
    // amount.
    if (!formats[type]) {
        formats[type] = 1;
    } else {
let result = {
    uniquenames: uniquenames,
    widest: widest,
    tallest: tallest,
    formats: formats


Which results in the following data:

  "uniquenames": 57,
  "widest": 2076,
  "tallest": 2089,
  "formats": {
    "gif": 12,
    "jpeg": 19,
    "JPEG": 28,
    "JPE": 19,
    "BMP": 14,
    "jpg": 14,
    "png": 17,
    "webp": 7

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