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CODE100 Puzzle - 100 hits!

This time the puzzle is about points in a coordinate system and determining which ones are on a 100 logo.

Ilustration showing the logo and its location and measurements on a coordinate system

You get the following JSON dataset of a coordinate system the logo is in with a certain height and width.

    "width": 600,
    "height": 300,
    "coords": [[480,259],[452,21] … ]

The coords array contains a lot of points (x and y) in this system, and the task is report the amount of overall in-logo points.

Plotted onto the system, this could be something like the following, with the green points being those you should report.

Example of a solved solution as a graphic

You don’t need to paint them, just find out which ones are on the logo. In this case, it’s 33 different points. In the case of the dataset, can you find them?

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