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Amsterdam CODE100 Quiz and Knowledge rounds

Knowledge Questions

These were pretty straight forward multiple choice questions. Some were submitted by Daniel Cranney, most by me, though.

  1. Which of these was created most recently?

    • Go (GoLang)
    • Flutter (correct answer)
    • JavaScript
    • Swift
  2. What is the purpose of the ‘else’ statement in an if-else statement?

    • To handle errors
    • To restart the server
    • To execute a block of code when the first condition isn’t met (correct answer)
    • To update global state
  3. What is a tool to sync large amount of files on remote servers and the local machine?

    • fsync
    • rsync (correct answer)
    • nsync
    • fileput

    Comment: OK, I see myself out - bye, bye, bye…

  4. What is the term for a named block of code that performs a specific task?

    • Lambda
    • In-line function
    • Blueprint
    • Package (correct answer)

    Comment: Lambda has no name.

  5. Which of these is the correct definition for the term ‘algorithm’?

    • A random sequence of letters
    • A magical formula that writes code by itself
    • A set of instructions or rules to solve a problem or perform a task (correct answer)
    • A machine learning device
  6. What does the ‘I’ in API stand for?

    • interface (correct answer)
    • interactive
    • intellectual
    • interview
  7. Which of the following is not a web performance acronym?

    • CLS
    • FCP
    • FLD (correct answer)
    • FID

    Comment: Cumulative Layout Shift, First Contentful Paint, First Input Delay. FLD was a demo scene effect called Flexible Line Distance, again on Commmodore 64.

  8. Which of the following browsers is not based on Chromium

    • Samsung Internet
    • Safari (correct answer)
    • Brave
    • Microsoft Edge
  9. Which console method doesn’t exist in browsers?

    • console.warn()
    • console.parse() (correct answer)
    • console.table()
    • console.assert()
  10. What does the acronym SVG stand for?

    • So Very Graphical
    • Sustainable Velocity Graphics
    • Sizeable Vector Graphics
    • Scalable Vector Graphics (correct answer)

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